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Faces and Voices: Kevin McCarthy's Life of Hope, His Art, and Becoming a Parent in Recovery

"Recovery is becoming the person I always wanted to be."

Kevin has been in long-term recovery for over four years now. Like many, his life has changed drastically since entering recovery. Kevin is a 12 Step participant and credits much of his early success in recovery to practicing the 12 Steps and building up a support group of individuals in the fellowship.

It is hard to list out all the ways that someone's life in recovery can change. Like many in recovery, Kevin's life has taken many drastic new directions. His professions have changed, his family dynamics have changed, he has moved from the Lowcountry, he has moved back to the Lowcountry, he has opened a business, he has gotten married, and he has become a dad. "I can't believe I have this life".

A glance at Kevin's Instagram page @_mccarthyarts and you will find some very unique geometric wood artwork. Here, you will see posts about each of his pieces that go out across the country. Some completely custom, yet all of them vibrant. You will see the work he is donating to local charity organizations for auction, and you might even see a post about his new son, Avery.

Today, he says "my creative mind is back. Before I was afraid to be judged about my creativity and today I am excited about it." Kevin's artwork started during the beginning moments of the quarantine from the Covid 19 pandemic. Needing an outlet, Kevin began making geometric artwork to support his family. "Recovery opened my mind up enough to begin to strive for more building a business around my art". Building a business can be a daunting task enough, but to build a business around a creative endeavor seems to be an even bigger hurdle.

Kevin is very open about his recovery. He says it has given him a great opportunity to speak out with his family and friends. Wearing recovery like a badge of honor, he says "when I get to tell people I am in recovery I feel like I get to puff my chest out". He now regularly speaks out saying it allows him to show that recovery is possible for everyone. "I am very proud to say I am in recovery now".

Kevin has also carried his recovery into his family. "Today, I am married to my best friend". He says his life as a partner and as a husband has changed his outlook. "I never thought I would be the type of man that could have all of these things". Kevin knows that he had wished to live this family life, but knew that his drinking was holding him back from being the type of man he wanted to be. Being able to show up and to be a part of his marriage has been hugely impactful on his family life. His wife has never known him not to be in recovery. When speaking about his son, Avery, you can see his entire face light up. "My son will never have to see me drink," Kevin says proudly. He is excited about all of the new blessings in his life. Each step of the way looking back to see how his life in recovery has given him all these new opportunities to be the man he always wanted to be.

When asked about how his creativity has been expanded by his artwork, Kevin wants everyone to know that he "puts his artwork out into the world" and "wants to wear recovery the same way. I love showing off my art and I love spreading my recovery with people". If you have some time, check out Kevin's artwork on his Instagram page. I know he would be happy to talk to you about what creativity in recovery is like as well.

This is our first story of a Faces and Voices. We can't wait to share more with you on all the fantastic things people in recovery are doing in the Charleston area. Thanks for reading and follow along as we continue to spread the message of recovery in the Lowcountry.

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Linda Phillips
Linda Phillips
Nov 15, 2021

Awesome maybe one day I too can share my story

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