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Faces and Voices: Katie Feeling Whole Again

"I want those in early recovery to have patience with themselves, you won’t feel empty forever, you will feel whole again"


Katie has been in long-term recovery for over eighteen months and is simply flourishing! Her life today looks completely different than it did in active addiction. Katie is a 12 Step participant, who has spent time in therapy, uses art as an outlet, and credits much of her success to the tribe of women who walk this journey with her.

Sick and tired of being stuck in the cycle of addiction, Katie knew this last time was different. As soon as she left detox, she immediately implemented structure in all aspects of her life to ensure she set herself up for success. Right out the gate, she kept her schedule very busy between work and recovery. “My sponsor had me helping others when I was just ten days drug and alcohol free.” Katie also mentioned that she finally “addressed mental health struggles” this time and with therapy/ antidepressants is in a much more stable place emotionally.

Many of us in recovery have lost loved ones to the illness, and Katie knows this all too well. She spoke of her long-term boyfriend who passed earlier this year, “I think of him every time I work on a project, my memories inspire and motivate me in my artwork”. When asked if art has served as a form of therapy Katie responded “Oh, absolutely! Just being at my shop is therapy!” It is important that we find ways to cope with life’s ups and this is a perfect example of doing just that.

Katie’s shop is called Lady Like Woodworks and her art ranges from paintings, sketches, and of course, woodworking. Who knows, maybe one day Katie will offer classes to help others learn the power of this awesome creative outlet!

Katie is now an expecting mother who is in a healthy long term relationship. Her family is very supportive and although it took them a while to trust that Katie was committed this time, they are all in a really good place today. Katie’s uncle in particular got her involved in woodworking and in early recovery Katie says it “kept her hands busy”!

None of the above; strong tribe, supportive boyfriend, motherhood, and building a business, would be possible without her recovery. We are so lucky that the Lowcountry has amazing people doing amazing things and devoting time to helping others. Interested in learning more about Katie’s art? Go on over to or send her an email

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