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Maggie Talucci

My Why

“My name is Maggie and I’m a person in long term recovery. I’m also Co-Founder and Executive Director of Iron Wolf Recovery Fitness, which has been a passion project of mine. I was initially introduced to FAVOR in 2019 during the CPSS training and joined the team during that time.


Recovery, for me, has been an opportunity to find my soul’s purpose. To release old behavior patterns, and adopt new ways of being in order to not only evolve as an individual but to be able to help collectively speaking. 


I believe Recovery is probable given the right support and resources- I strive to connect folks to relevant Recovery Resources which suit their own individual needs. My work with FAVOR is one platform I am able to do that through. 


My role has shifted over the years but one thing that’s remained the same; the immense gratitude I have to be working alongside other recovery advocates. This team's dedication and knowledge inspire me to keep on keeping on. One day at a time.”

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