Cindy Bohn Coats

My Why

FAVOR is not a recovery program, although it does support people in recovery. It is a national movement dedicated to supporting people who are in recovery through initiatives to reduce stigma, public policy positions to affect local, state, and federal legislation and funding, and providing a strong united front demanding that people in recovery be valued, supported members of their communities.  Their tagline "advocate. act. advance." resonates with my passion to make sure no person ever has to stand in front of an audience and a panel of publicly elected leaders to defend themselves from baseless accusations simply because they choose to live a life of integrity, discipline, and honesty. 

At the very time we should be honoring and celebrating these people, people who have gone through a journey few of us would willingly walk, we shun them.  NOW we tell them they can't be proud of who they are because of who they were.  People in recovery are the only group of people that society openly allows to be discriminated against and slandered.  That must change.